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This is Malsavaidity, new Co-Founder of #Helitalia and moderator of the brand new Literature folder! Yep, the big moment is here...
Hetalia fanfiction is--at long last--making an official debut in the group!!
While we're just starting out, there will be one Literature folder, but if I feel the need to expand it into multiple folders to better organize all the writing, I may do that in the future. Literature submissions will generally run the same way art submissions run...



CONTRIBUTORS: The Literature folder is open exclusively to Contributors who've been invited to share their writing. So, all art Contributors cannot submit writing unless they've been specifically invited to do so (vice-versa, writing Contributors can't submit art unless specifically invited to do so). If at some point you are invited to the group as a literature Contributor, it means that your Hetalia writing is some of the best of the best the group could find, and we'd love to have you here to enhance the group!

MEMBERS: As always, Members are more than welcome and encouraged to help recruit by suggesting great writers here on DA. Writing is a lot harder to review than art, because it's simply more tedious and takes more time to read a story than to view an art piece, so the more people who want to share a writer they love or admire, the better! And of course, we'll hunt down all the great fanfiction for your enjoyment ^^

(NOTE: Sometime later, I'll make a list of great fanfiction found only on, similar to the Pixiv list that's currently here for art)



Because this group was founded with the intention of collecting the some of the greatest art and sharing the work of incredibly experienced and talented artists, I'd like to follow this trend and attempt to find talented writers and great Hetalia fanfiction as well. In order to do that, there's a general list of standards and rules that a potential Contributor should follow:

1. Work must be Hetalia-related (of course, not ALL your work, but all the work you submit here! ;-) )
2. Work must adhere to DA's rules (which includes 'no explicit porn' ...sorry)
3. No reader inserts allowed (there are plenty of great reader insert groups to whet such an appetite however!)
4. Works must exhibit a very good understanding/use of grammar and spelling
5. Writers must be fairly consistent with their writing and/or updates (In other words, you should have at least a few chapters or oneshots to submit. If you never plan to write more for Hetalia, that kind defeats the purpose xD)

Remember the intent here is never to offend anyone or lessen the value or merit of anyone else's work--there's so much great writing here, it'll be hard to choose =/ But, I hope to bring you some awesome Hetalia fanfiction, and I look forward to gathering some great writers! Because really, what is a fandom without kickass fanfiction?

Any questions or concerns, comment below, and don't be shy, start suggesting some writers (if it helps, you can link back to a piece or two of their that you liked)

Bye for now! =)
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CONTEST - Fanfictions challenge
deviation in storage by DemonsEatTheRainbow
deviation in storage by De-Anon


:heart: This gallery includes the works by these artists who :heart: refused to join this group, but we love them anyway.


:bulletblue:Rejection list

:bulletblue:Pixiv list




:new: HELITALIA on TUMBLR!! :new:

:bulletblue: JOIN :bulletblue: FOLLOW :bulletblue:


This group puts together all the most popular and capable Hetalia's fanartists.
Everyone can join this community and we hope it will grow up more and more!

But we have some little rules:



Your join requests as member will be automatically approved.
Requests as contributors will not be accepted. Only the founders can invite deviants to join the group as contributors.



:bulletred:As this is an elite group, members CANNOT submit any:bulletred: work. Only contributors can submit

So, now you're thinking "If I can't submit, what should I do in this group??"


:coffeecup: MEMBERS CAN: :coffeecup:

-Suggest contributors
-Leave comments everywhere in the group
-Vote during the contests and elect the Hetalia Masterpiece of the year

:rzero: CONTRIBUTORS CAN: :rzero:

-Submit deviations in the right folder
-Suggest contributors
-Leave comments everywhere in the group
-Vote during the contests, but not their own art

ONLY MEMBERS AND CONTRIBUTORS CAN VOTE DURING THE CONTESTS or suggest any contributors! If you are not a member, join the group now!

If you are a contributor and you can't find an appropriate folder for your work, submit it to Featured folder, then we create the right folder for you.

Suggestions will be reviwed by the founders just via note or suggesting favourites to the group.

The criterions to choose a contributor are:
-To be popular (not required)
-To be very good at drawing
-To be suggested by the members, contributors or choosen by the founders

Why isn't the popularity required?
Because this group wants to collect all the most beautiful masterpiece of Hetalia, not the most popular! We want to let you know the artists' names of your favorite arts but also to promote the great unknown artists.
Of course, if you are popular you must be good at drawing, so this is the reason "popularuty" is a selection criterion, but it's not required.

That's all, for now. We hope nobody will feel offended if we don't accept all fanworks, but this is an elite group. If you want to share your art with other deviants, submit it to other groups, or just improve your drawing and maybe you'll become an elite contributor C:


You have been choosen because of your skill, so don't submit just your best Hetalia's works: submit ALL your Hetalia's works!


Join them! : D :icondenmarklaplz:


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